Thunder - Just 295.00€

    Stroke of 4mm, high speed and more power and precision, which make it more suitable to delineate.


  • Bez little Ego v2 blue

    Bez little Ego v2 Blue - Just 200.00€

    The small machine EGO is super lightweight with a very manageable rotary anatomic grip that does overload the wrist. 

  • Symbeos Deluxe

    Symbeos Deluxe - Just 550.00€

    Eikon Device, have a shared passion for tattooing and making superior quality tattoo equipment. It has appeared a new innovative rotary machine: Symbeos that fulfills the needs of tattoo artists who have been looking for something different.

  • Symbeos Flex

    Symbeos Flex - Just 440.00€


    The Flex Symbeos system has a reduced combination respect to Deluxe machines, giving you the ability to create a variety of machines for line and for color.  There are 16 possible configurations with the Flex system.

  • Symbeos: Machine Body

    Symbeos: Machine Body - Just 160.00€

    The Symbeos Machine Body is the central fixture for building each Symbeos Rotary Tattoo Machine. 

  • Welker Custom Irons Rotary Machine

    Welker Custom Irons Rotary Machine - Just 495.00€

    Welker Custom Irons Rotary Machine a tattoo machine with the finest technical machine parts and brandnew specs like the self-lubricant nylon used for arm and slide. This means no more oiling your rotary machine!

  • Inkjecta Rotary Tattoo

    Inkjecta Rotary Tattoo - Just 440.00€

    Inkjecta Flite 2.1 Combo Black and Red: is one of the last innovative rotary machines made in Australia, with high performance and lightness.

Official Distributors

Popular Products

Sol Nova

The Cheyenne Sol Nova is a light yet powerful pen-style rotary tattoo machine. It runs very quietly with minimum vibration. The powerful brushless DC motor packs a punch, resulting in faster ink saturation - although its quiet and soft operational mode means that it still remains gentle on the skin. This smooth and soft running allows for a faster healing process. The Sol Nova is relatively short with most of its weight shifted towards the front, making it a perfectly balanced machine, offering optimum control and accuracy. Comfortable to hold, its wide grip helps make the Cheyenne Sol Nova a very easy tattoo machine to work with. Compared to the Cheyenne HAWK Pen, the Sol Nova offers more power and softer handling, while being just as easy to cover for hygiene and safety purposes.

The Cheyenne Sol Nova is a great all-round rotary tattoo machine. Featuring a 3.5mm stroke, it is ideal for precise lining, as well as soft shading. The motor will start running on very low speeds (25Hz) so the Sol Nova can be used for a wide range of different styles, including Black & Grey, dotwork, and colour realism. Simply use the Sol Nova on low frequencies for dotwork and realism, and on higher frequencies for fuller and more intense lines.

The Sol Nova can be used with the included 33mm grip or with Cheyenne's disposable Round D-Grips and One Inch D-Grips.

Key Features:

  • Colour: Black
  • Ergonomic design and perfect balance
  • Powerful yet quiet, gentle on the skin for faster healing
  • Powerful brushless DC motor for better ink saturation
  • Frequency: 25 - 150Hz - ideal for a wide range of styles
  • Nominal Voltage: 5 - 12.6V
  • 3.5mm stroke - suitable for lining and shading
  • Comfortable 33mm grip
  • Length: 10.2cm
  • Weight: 150g


Round liner 0.35 mm


Box of 10 needles, long taper, 0.35mm

Round liner 0.25mm


0.25mm long taper


Spike mini

Rotary machine, SPIKE of EQUALISER, manufactured by KWADRON.
RCA connection. Made from a single piece of high quality aluminum with CNC-3D technology. Anodized colors.
Machine designed for conventional needles and tubes; also needle cartridge.

- Direct Drive Rotary Machine
- Stroke: 3.5 mm (standard)
- Engine: 4.5 W
- Recommended Voltage:
     - Shadow: of 5-6.5V
     - Colour: 5.5 -6.5V
     - Line: 6.5-8V
- Weight: 90 gr.


PROTON of EQUALISER , manufactured by KWADRON.  High quality  Aluminum chassis. Super lightweight: only 130 grams. Anodized colors.
Compatible with all types of needle cartridge.
Total absence of vibrations
- Stroke: 3.5 mm
- Engine: 5W
- RCA connection
- Grip  25 mm
- Size: 11.8 cm
- Recommended Voltage:
     - Shadow: of 6-7.5V
     - Colour: 7-8V
     - Line: 8.5-11V
- Weight: 130 gr.

Round Magnum Soft Edge 0.30mm


Box of 50 needles

Powersnake digital

Digital PowerSupply Powersnake Lauro Paolini;

-Microprocessor digital control

-Voltage regulation 3-16VDC

-Universal input 110-240 VCA 50/50Hz

-Display: Volts, Amps and Speed

.Easy to cover with cling film

Hawk Pen


Citattoo supplies, official distribuitor cheyenne, present the new hawk pen:

Dimensions: 25.4 x 123 mm
Weight: 130 g
Voltage : 5-13 volts
Frequency : 55-165 Hz
Travel: 3.5 mm
The kit contains: Motor with 25mm grip, hawk tray  , cable , manual and 3 cartridges sample .